…the idea is to bring this process of sustainable investment to the hedge fund world…

Choosing between returns and impact is quickly becoming a thing of the past. For the average person, maximizing fund decisions for impact is not really feasible: you must go where the money is. However, the smart money is now focused on doing well while also doing good.

Peter Coffin, President, Breckinridge Capital; Julie T. Katzman, Chief Operating Officer, Inter-American Development Bank; Nigel Kershaw, OBE, Executive Chair, The Big Issue Group; Decio Nascimento, Chief Investment Officer, Richmond Global; Matthew Weatherley-White, Managing Director, The CAPROCK Group join moderator Matthew Bishop, Senior Editor, The Economist Group to discuss how to effect change and advance social progress through the latest advancements in impact investing.

This panel discussion took place during the What Works 2017 summit in Reykjavik, Iceland.